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Our Services


Back office &  administration

We are your administration arm of your business. You can focus on the job, while we take care of all of the paperwork. We manage all of your phone calls, emails, permit paperwork, credit checks, invoices and payments.



You no longer need to be concerned about submitting your billing or invoices to your clients. We will handle all invoicing and ensure payments are done timeously. We ensure payments are made timeously from the clients and paid to you.

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Factoring Invoices

We offer Invoice Factoring for clients who need to be paid earlier than settlement dates. The deals are simple and easily managed from start to finish. We have great rates for our customers and partners to alleviate any cashflow issues.


Rate Negotiation

We handle all the rate negotiation on your behalf to ensure we use our relationships and bulk buying power to get the best deal for you. You get the benefits of large freight companies by working with us.


Profitable Freight

You can be assured of the best freight match for the available transport. You will only carry what you are comfortable to transport, as and when it suits you. We pair up the best options, to ensure the ultimate profitability.

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No Forced Freight

We agree to freight you are available to transport. You will never be forced to move a load that you are not 100% comfortable with. All restrictions are made clear upfront.


No Hidden Fees

All fees are negotiated upfront and with absolute transparency. There are no surprises along the way. Our fee structure is fair for all parties concerned. You are our number one priority.


Broker/Shipper Credit Checks

We do all the due diligence with brokers and shippers credit checks. It removes the risk from you having to do any credit checks on each client. Our large administrative database ensures we can do these checks timeously.

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Paperwork Transfers

All paperwork and transfers are managed timeously and professionally. You will not have to concern yourself with applying for permits or clearance certificates for the cargo. We do the applications and you can focus on the road.

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