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We provide tax solutions, financial strategies & 3PL Services.

We should be your first choice. Our full service 3PL service offerings ensures you are working as seamlessly as you can. We work alongside single owner-operators or large fleets to ensure product delivery. Speak to us about our full service offering and how we can help grow your business. We work with a range of clients including but not limited to Flatbed/Step Deck, Dry Van and Reefers, to bring you the best opportunities.



You no longer need to be concerned about submitting your billing or invoices to your clients. We will handle all invoicing and ensure payments are done timeously. We ensure payments are made timeously from the clients and paid to you.


Factoring Invoices

We offer Invoice Factoring for clients who need to be paid earlier than settlement dates. The deals are simple and easily managed from start to finish. We have great rates for our customers and partners to alleviate any cashflow issues.

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Rate Negotiation

We handle all the rate negotiation on your behalf to ensure we use our relationships and bulk buying power to get the best deal for you. You get the benefits of large freight companies by working with us.

How We Work

Our philosophy is to grow the industry through a combined back office functionality, that enables you to manage your business as efficiently as you can. Our skills lie in the administration, logistics and pairing of loads with truck owners for the optimal profit and efficiency. For small businesses, we become the extension of your business by handling phone calls, emails, paperwork and negotiations.

Logistics Financing Solutions

  • Office administration

  • Billing/Invoices

  • Factoring Invoices

  • Rate Negotiation

  • Profitable Freight

  • No Forced Freight

  • Broker/Shipper Credit Checks

  • Paperwork Transfers

There are no hidden fees. We have 100% transparency with all of our partners and clients.

You can be rest assured of a successful relationship with us.


Get in touch today.


Logistics Financing Solutions

Strategic Partnership with Logistics Plus

A company’s order-to-delivery cycle doesn’t always match its cash flow needs, especially as business grows. That’s why WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. (WBC) and Logistics Plus, Inc. (LP) have partnered to provide term loans and logistics services for U.S. companies exporting and investing overseas, and for foreign companies selling and investing in the U.S.

Through our innovative strategic partnership, LP and WBC provide a complete logistics and financing solution for both U.S. and internationally-based companies. LP’s state-of-the-art international logistics services, consignment warehousing and foreign trade zone (FTZ) operations, combined with WBC’s attractive $3 million to $15 million loans, enable companies to efficiently manage their supply chain. When products cross borders, we offer a complete logistics and financing solution!


Client’s Testimonials

Davis Luiox

Next Level team is the best of the best, and expertly trained team members who take the extra step and go the extra mile, all to fulfill our dedicated promise to deliver innovative and dynamic solutions to our customers to fit the needs of a rapidly changing global environment.

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